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Wedding ring found in tunnel coin machine

A gold wedding ring with the words “Until I Die” has been found in the reject tray from a tunnel toll booth in Liverpool this week. It’s thought the gold wedding band must have accidentally slipped off the hand of a driver paying their toll at the Queensway tunnel in Liverpool and the staff are now anxious to reunite the item with its owner.

Weddings rings hold huge sentimental value and this ring seems to have been well loved as it features a number of inscriptions, which will hopefully help lead it to its rightful owner. As well as the “Until I Die” message the gold band also bears the name of a woman and also a date, presumably the date the couple married.

Workers at the Mersey tunnel in Liverpool found the ring in the reject tray after the machine processing the coins recognised it wasn’t currency, throwing it into the compartment for non money items. While the tunnel workers presume the ring must have fallen in by accident, it does seem very unlucky as drivers would pass by the booths on their right hand side, however wedding rings are most typically worn on the left hand.

The other engraved marks on the ring are being kept secret so the police are able to identify the owner by asking them to correctly relay the words written on the wedding band. The tunnel workers say they hope to return the ring to its owner in time for Christmas.

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