Wedding dress trends for 2018: Our top picks

Wedding dress trends for 2018: Our top picks

Here at Wedding News, we are constantly seeing new and inventive wedding dress ideas, with everything from minimal designs to 3D-printed flower dresses now being utilised in modern wedding celebrations. If you are planning your 2018 wedding then take a look at the following wedding dress trends set to take over!

Black and white

While pure white and ivory are colours that lend themselves to pictures of purity, it seems that modern brides are now experimenting with the traditionally-slimming colour, black. Many designers are trimming the edges of white dresses with black ribbons or belts, providing a stunning contrast and perfect hourglass shape.

Coloured florals

Though the white wedding dress has stood the ultimate test of time, 2018 brides may be steering in a different direction with their bridal gowns, with floral prints being much in demand. From subtle pastel colours to bright pinks and florescent yellows, colourful bloom embroideries are taking over the runways!

Retro bride

Vintage has always been a popular theme adopted by brides and grooms in the UK, with stylish 1950s-themed dresses often bought by the rock-chick brides of the country. However, a recent article featured in The Guardian showed images from a recent Oscar de la Renta show, depicting the traditional bride adorned in a denim jacket are sporting an iconic retro look.

Let us know what you think, will you be taking inspiration from any of the above 2018 wedding dress trends?

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