Wedding cake fraud who scammed more than 100 brides is jailed  

Wedding cake fraud who scammed more than 100 brides is jailed  

While planning a wedding is one of the most extraordinary tasks one will ever be blessed with taking out, there are some obstacles many planners have to overcome. With some companies exploiting couples during these moments of happiness, we at Wedding News see is as our duty to make people aware of wedding rogues.

This week, a wedding cake scammer has been uncovered, with Lisa Holt, 41, fleecing over 100 couples. Taking money from couples for services such as catering packages, decorations, DJs and photo booths, Holt never actually came up with the good, being jailed for three years as a result.

It was reported that Trading Standards officers received 150 complaints involving a total of £56,000 owed to brides and grooms, having no choice but to delve deeper into these cases. Holt’s husband Ryan, was imprisoned for nine months for money laundering.

Sian Evans, who lost £1,000 after instilling her faith in one of Holt’s wedding packages made up part of the sentencing.

Sian, of Stourbidge, said: “I know I will never see any of the money again, but I’m relieved it’s all over and justice has been done.

“She got what she deserved and I feel I can finally put it all behind me now.

“It was not just about the money, it was also the feeling of being so badly let down. It was not a nice thing to do to people.”

Mum-of-two Holt claimed: “I’m a victim too” in a whingeing email to the scores of customers she ripped off before the company went bust in August 2015.

She told them: “I have apologised ‘til I’m blue in the face this week and I can’t change it.

“Maybe all the disgruntled people should focus on the downfall of the company a little instead of just me.”

This is why it is essential that you carry out as much due diligence on wedding suppliers as possible, making sure you are investing your wedding budget wisely.


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