Top Wedding Films of All Time

Top Wedding Films of All Time

Wedding films are typically happy-go-lucky movies which are full of light and laughter, showing the union of two people, and indeed consequently two families, in the best possible light. Some truly iconic movies which stand the test of time focus around weddings, and we thought we’d pay homage to them. Though no excuse is necessary to binge watch a variety of wedding films, we figure that getting married yourself or indeed attending the wedding of a loved one is as good an excuse as any. Here are our ultimate wedding film picks to get you excited for the big day – our take on the top wedding films of all time.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

This classic 90s rom com stars charming yet unlucky in love Englishman Hugh Grant who thinks his luck is about to change after meeting  beautiful American lady Andie MacDowell at a wedding. They have the most wonderful time which comes to an end all too quickly. That is until a few more weddings and one funeral respectively cause them to cross paths again, leading them to believe that perhaps these chance encounters are the work of fate. This heartwarming movie has a star-studded cast and is dubbed a classic for a reason. A real must-watch!

Mamma Mia

Music, joy and laughter and three things which go hand in hand with the movie Mamma Mia. This incredible story played out to the back catalogue of Abba songs tells the tale of the marriage of the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried, who attempts to invite her real father to her wedding. The catch is that her mother, Meryl Streep, is quite unsure which one of three men is the father – and so Amanda invites them all, causing quite the stir on the big day itself! This really is a moving and funny tale which has a stellar soundtrack.

The Wedding Singer

From 80s songs to incredible retro outfits, The Wedding Singer is a throwback wedding film which continues to stand the test of time. The story is very sweet and the soundtrack is amazing, which is exactly what you want from a textbook wedding movie. Get ready to dance along to this one!

Wedding Crashers

If you’re looking for a comedy alternative to your traditional romance-filled wedding flick then Wedding Crashers might just be the ticket. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn team up as a comedy duo who crash weddings to meet women and the results, as you can imagine, are hilarious. Despite being a comedy through and through there are moments in the film that will make you say ‘awww’ out loud, and you’re guaranteed to finish watching in an excellent mood.


The absolutely hilarious Bridesmaids is a full throttle comedy about a group of Bridesmaids who don’t necessarily see eye to eye, and how this plays out in the run up to the wedding. Full of laugh out loud moments and a very tongue in cheek sense of humour throughout, this is the perfect movie choice to watch with your own Bridesmaids – especially after a glass of wine or two!

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