Top tips for planning a boho-chic wedding this summer

Last year bohemian (boho-chic) weddings became a huge hit across the globe, from hair, to make-up, to the dress, boho-chic weddings indeed became popular. Since it was such a success in 2016, we think that we will be spotting more weddings which have incorporated this theme during the summer of 2017.

You may be a couple that are thinking of planning your wedding according to a bohemian theme but are unsure about costs. There’s no need to worry because by implementing even the subtlest touches of boho-chic to your wedding, the results can be truly beautiful. To help you begin the process, we’ve put together a few top tips on how to plan a boho-chic wedding this summer.

Wedding dress

Boho-chic is a very relaxed look, which embraces all the natural beauty of nature. If you are in love with this style as much as we are, then why not opt for a dress that flows which hugs the body but is very relaxed at the bottom. A fabulous and beautiful outdoor princess feel is what we’re looking for. However, if this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, try on a shorter number with thin straps. This option will also nail this theme.


Flower crowns have definitely grown in popularity since the rise of Bohemian weddings. If you don’t fancy a flowery crown, then maybe you could try a floral hair accessory with a relaxed up-do. Plaits are also very popular amongst boho-chic brides, the braided effect is both beautiful and practical for all day festivities.


Bohemian-chic weddings are usually very indulgent. Start thinking about flowers, plants and fairy lights, with candles and shabby chic accessories for table pieces. The prettier your décor, the more Bohemian it will be.

Wedding cake

When it comes to arranging your wedding cake- think naked. If you think a plain cake would be too boring for your personal taste, try decorating it with fruit or edible flowers instead of icing.

Wedding cars

When thinking of wedding cars, try to opt for a vintage type. Refer to décor above for some hints and tips of what style you should stick to for bohemian-chic wedding car decoration.

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