Top 10 hen do drinking games

Top 10 hen do drinking games

Your hen do is a cause for celebration and will be a night of endless fun and laughter for you and your closest friends; featuring an abundance of alcohol and lots of giggles. We at Wedding News have the top ten drinking games for your hen do; perfect for getting the party started. Breaking the ice for guests who aren’t so familiar with each other and allowing everyone to get to know each other that little bit more, drinking games simply make sense!


  • Never have I ever


Probably one of the most popular drinking games, ‘Never Have I Ever’ will allow people to dish the dirt and reveal scandalous secrets that might not be expected. Each member of the group must say something they aren’t guilty of such as ‘never have I ever cheated on someone’ and those who are guilty must take a sip of their drink.


  • Mr and Mrs. Question Game


How well does the bride actually know her groom? Before the hen do prepare some questions about the groom to ask the bride – the more obscure the better! Each question the bride answers correctly she can assign a guest to take a shot and each question she answers incorrectly she must take a shot herself.


  • The Handbag Game


Each guest must take 2-3 items from their handbags and place them in a communal handbag. The bride will take out each item and guess which guest the item belongs to – each one the bride guesses correctly the owner of the item must take a drink but if the bride guesses incorrectly she must take a drink herself.


  • Story Time


Guests must write down an embarrassing or unusual story about themselves on a piece of paper. Put all the pieces of paper in a bowl and each guest must take in turns to pull a piece of paper out of the bowl and read the story out loud. Each guest must take one guess of who the story belongs to and if they guess incorrectly they must take a drink – carry on until there are no pieces of paper left in the bowl!


  • Most Likely


Everyone must sit in a circle and each of the guests take it in turns to ask a ‘who is most likely to question’ such as ‘who is most likely to sleep with a celebrity?’ and on the count of three, each guest must point at someone who they believe is most likely to do the act mentioned. Each person must take a sip of their drink based on how many people are pointing at them.


  • Banned Words


At the beginning of the hen do, everyone must agree on a selection of words to be banned such as ‘bride’, ‘wedding’, ‘groom’ or any other words you feel is worthy of being banned. Whenever someone accidently says a banned word they must take a sip of their drink.


  • True or False


Everyone sits in a circle and each guest must say two facts about themselves (one must be true and the other false) and the other guests must guess which of the two statements is true. If the guest guesses incorrectly they must take a sip of their drink, however if they guess correctly the person whose facts it was must take a sip of their drink.


  • Thumbs Down


This is a game that can be played sporadically throughout the night, the bride starts by casually pressing her thumb on a surface such as a table and each guest must catch-on do the same action, the last person to do so must take a shot. The first person the bride notices that has repeated her action is the next person to do thumbs down and so on.


  • The Post-it Note Game


Each guest must write a memory they have with the bride (can be funny or embarrassing). All the notes must placed on a table and the bride will read out each one and guess who wrote it. Incorrect guesses means a shot for the bride and correct guesses mean a shot for the writer.


  • Chink and Drink


Another game to break the ice, guests must stand in a circle with a glass of champagne, prosecco or wine (or whatever they fancied!) in their hand. Each guest will then assign a group of individuals such as ‘guests who are related to the bride’ or ‘guests who went to school with the bride’, the riskier the better! The guests mentioned then go to the middle of the circle and chink and drink their glasses.

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