Planning a wedding? Here’s 6 top tips on how to stick to your budget

Planning a wedding? Here’s 6 top tips on how to stick to your budget

You may still have millions of things to purchase for your big day but don’t want to spend a fortune, so here are a few tips on how to budget wisely for your big day.

Rent an outfit

A huge expense, especially for brides, is down to the wedding outfit. Wedding dresses, other gowns, and sometimes suits are only worn once, yet can lead to a huge lump sum of your budget disappearing. An idea to avoid this scenario is to pick a design and simply have it tailored. By choosing to tailor your wedding outfit you could save a staggering 60-70%, of which can go towards other important details of your big day.

Rent Jewellery

A huge new trend is to rent wedding jewellery instead of buying. Renting allows you to enjoy designer jewellery, for a fraction of the price. Bridal jewellery is available from a huge range of online collections, which all add an elegant completion to a wedding outfit.

Choose the right venue

To save some pennies, choose a wedding location outside of the city. A lavishly grand venue in a city can drastically stretch a budget, so why not choose the outskirts and save? Also, offseason weddings are becoming a lot more popular due to hotel discounts. Weekday weddings are also becoming a hit; so weekday winter weddings are definitely going to save you a few quid.


Opt for a freelance photographer

Most couples opt for an expensive, professional photographer with a five star social media response. Instead, why not hire a freelancer to capture your wedding photos and videos? A freelancer could give you a much lower rate. Someone that’s just starting out in the industry will be much more affordable, and guaranteed to have a fresh outlook on the industry.


Avoid international foods

International foods are guaranteed to bump up the receipt for a caterer. It is very common for hotels and caterers to hugely increase prices for plating international foods. Sachin Singhal, CEO of wedding portal Bandbaajaa. com has suggested couples should stick to British or Indian cuisine, as they come in much lower than alternatives.


Say NO to traditional wedding cards

Be creative with your wedding invitations. Try to add a bit of pizzazz and originality by sending personalised videos or e-invites. Saving on the cost of printing will allow you to spend more on the actual day. However, some of your guests that aren’t technology mad may not be appreciative of this, therefore you may want to print just a handful of traditional cards for them.


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