Newlyweds get a shock when their wedding pictures feature a NORDIC INVASION

Newlyweds Sam and Anna Shepherd were preparing for their all important wedding pictures when they were disturbed by loud horns blowing.

Before the had time to even have one photograph taken, a mob of Nordic seafarers were marching towards them. To their despair, swords were even being drawn.

Anna, 32, said: “When we heard the horns going off and saw them running towards us we really didn’t know what to think.

“But everyone was so friendly and polite we just decided to go with the flow and get our photo taken together.

“After they had gone I asked Sam ‘did that just really happen?’

“I don’t think many people will have a wedding photo like ours and everyone has been talking about it ever since.”

Originally from Lancashire, the couple had chosen to mark their wedding day with some beautiful photographs at Rivington Pike, a pinnacle spot and a gorgeous one for wedding photos.

Unknown to them, their Nordic wedding crashers were in fact taking part in a Viking march in the same area, on the same day, at the exact same time.

Anna, a teaching assistant, said: “We wanted the day to be a celebration and a party.

“And it certainly turned out that way – you can’t take life too seriously.”

Anna said that the pair opted for donations on the day to charities which are close to their heart. The Alice in Wonderland themed wedding dedicated its funds to charities such as, Dementia UK, in memory of Sam’s grandfather who they had lost to the degenerative condition.

The loved up couple also surprised their daughter with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who announced a honeymoon to Disneyland Paris.

We wonder if the three will come across any Vikings whilst on the break?

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