Newly-weds third-wheeling photos go viral

Newly-weds third-wheeling photos go viral

As soon as Brittney and Kody Frysinger got engaged, they knew they would have to ask their photographer, Lyndsey Berger, to incorporate some funny engagement photos that they had seen on Pinterest.

And they knew exactly who their third wheel would be: Kody’s best friend, Mitch Jolliff. This is due to the two men sharing a very close bond, having grown up and spent their whole childhood together.

Following the engagement, Lindsey (the photographer) then approached the couple and said that the newlyweds should re-create a photo from their photo-shoot in their wedding day. She said that following the wedding she would then go home and edit the photos with Photoshop, to place both “I won” and “Shut up” onto the bride and best man’s shoes.

This idea was in order to mark the close-knit friendship the three of them share. It was also to inject some humour and personality into the wedding album, something that the pair will cherish forever in their life together.

However, Mitch, the best man said: “They actually had to persuade me quite a bit to take the pictures. I’m not a big picture taker,”

Mitch then explained hat he eventually came around to the idea following the couple persuading him he should have fun with it, and that it would be a moment they will remember forever from their special day.

“He just owned it,” Brittney said of Mitch’s posing.

Mitch often hangs out with Kody whilst fishing and hunting. This is due to his own girlfriend being away at school. According to the best man, his girlfriend also adores the photographs.

Although Mitch isn’t planning on getting married for a while, he feels that Kody certainly owes him now after doing the photos.

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