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Move over wedding rings, the divorce ring makes its debut

We’ve heard of divorce parties, but divorce rings to celebrate the newly single status of a woman is a new one on us, however one jewellery designer is hoping her designs for women who want to commemorate their new relationship status will tap into a whole new market.

The rings are worn in place of a wedding band and take their inspiration from traditional wedding and marriage symbols, but with a dark twist. One of the divorce rings designed by Gisele Ganne, priced from £850, mixes symbols we’d associate with love and marriage, including a bride’s bouquet and pink delicate gems combined with a bird’s skull.

While the end of a marriage is an obviously painful and upsetting time, for some women, a divorce is a liberating experience if the marriage was a particularly unhappy one. Replacing their wedding rings which may symbolise negativity with a different type of ring to mark their departure from their role as a wife, to independent woman is something to be celebrated and embraced, some parties have argued.

Recent statistics revealed that 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce, with the recent downturn in the economy being blamed for putting an extra strain on marriages and being a contributing factor in many divorces. With such a large proportion of marriages sadly ending in divorce, Gisele Ganne may well have hit upon a growing new trend with the introduction of her divorce rings, and also divorce knuckledusters for those going through a particularly bitter breakup.

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