Kim Kardashian divorce could put off brides from buying replica wedding dresses

Kim Kardashian divorce could put off brides from buying replica wedding dresses

News of Kim Kardashian’s decision to divorce her husband Kris Humphries after just 72 days maybe bad news for wedding dress designer Vera Wang as well as the NBA star as replica dresses of the original gown worn by the 31-year-old on her wedding in August are due to go  on sale in the US early next year.

Two of the Vera Wang designed wedding gowns worn by Kim Kardashian for her California wedding to Kris on August 20th will be reproduced as affordable gowns for brides-to-be in the US, with the budget versions due to go on sale in January 2012 through David’s Bridal White by Vera Wang Collection.

However, there’s been speculation that the line maybe not sell as well as had been anticipated in the wake of the marriage break-up news as future brides may be wary of walking down the aisle in a dress which is associated with a marriage which ended in a speedy divorce.

4 million viewers tuned into Kim’s reality TV show which aired the fairytale wedding in all its glory. However fewer brides might be looking to snap up the $1,500 replica Kardashian dress now the marriage has soured so quickly.

However the official line from the wedding designer is that the gowns due to be launched early next year will have taken their inspiration from Kim’s gown, although they will be beautiful wedding dresses in their own right and likely to be appeal to brides despite its association with the ill fated marriage.

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