Inverness couple received a welcomed act of kindness on their wedding day

Inverness couple received a welcomed act of kindness on their wedding day

A couple of Inverness newlyweds just received a lovely act of kindness on their wedding day by a passer by.

While posing for wedding photographs in a nearby field, Amy and James Foster were handed a spontaneous gift by a very kind passing motorist.

Married at Newton Hotel in Nairn on Saturday the couple received a bottle of bubbly from the passer by wanting to congratulate them.

Mrs Foster, a carer, said: “We were in a field outside Nairn. We were getting our photos taken then all we heard was this lady shouting and crossing the A96 Inverness to Aberdeen Road.

“She just stopped in a lay-by and wanted to say congratulations. She handed one of our videographers a bottle of prosecco. Then she went back to her car and drove off.”

The wedding photographer thought the gift was such a kind gesture that she posted on social media in order to thank the lady.

Within seven minutes, the kind lady was identified as Pauline Ross.

Mrs Foster said: “I just thought it was really nice. It was so surprising. It was a lovely story to go back and tell our guests. They thought it was amazing.

“We didn’t know her, she was just a complete stranger. It was a bit surreal.

“She seemed like a lovely person. Hardly anybody would stop to do something so nice for someone they don’t know.

“I do know her name now but she doesn’t want to be named. I think she is a bit overwhelmed.

The social media post read: “I was shooting a wedding just outside Nairn yesterday, when a lovely lady stopped by in her car and handed out a bottle of bubbly to the couple We have no idea who she was, but I would really like to send her a few photos I took of her on the day to say thank you!”

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