Inseparable sisters share wedding and honeymoon

Siblings and best friends, Anita Bacanovic and Manuela Radolovic-Selmanovic, jumped at the chance of having a joint wedding when it was suggested by Anita’s fiancé.

Now, following the wedding both brides and their respective husbands are planning on honeymooning as a foursome. The honeymoon is set to go ahead later this year and they will be jetting off to Thailand.

Anita, from Liznjan, Croatia, said: “It’s unusual to see two brides in the same place on the same day.

“But getting married with my sister was just so special and magical, because we are so close. I am so glad we decided to do it.”

Her sister agreed by adding, “I was on cloud nine, it really was the most amazing day of my whole life.”

Anita met her husband, Mantej, when they were both working in the same location. After spending five years together, in July last year he proposed at their home with love songs being played in the background.

She said: “He’d been so nervous all day that I didn’t know what was wrong with him. I kept asking, ‘Whatever is the matter?’ I had no idea he was about to propose.

“He put our song ‘Naučila Si Me’, meaning ‘you taught me’ on YouTube, by Ivan Zak – and got down on one knee. I burst into tears and said yes.”

Straight after toasting their engagement, Anita phoned her sister to announce the news.

“I called her straight away. She’s my sister and my best friend, so she had to be the first to know,” recalled Anita.

“Then we told our whole family, and they were so happy about it.”

Soon after, Anita began to make plans for her wedding.

Although, her sister had been together with her partner for 10 years. They had talked about getting married one day, but had never got engaged.

But when the sisters were chatting over a coffee one day, Anita’s partner suggested that the four of them tied the knot together.

Anita said: “He just laughed, saying,  ‘Why don’t you join us on our wedding day?’ It was something I’d never thought of, but it felt right.

“We are so close, we have the same friends and family. We really have the same everything except husbands, so it made perfect sense.”

When all of them agreed to the idea, it was full steam ahead with wedding preparations and celebrations.

According to the couples, the day went without a glitch and they are very much looking forward to celebrating during their honeymoon in Thailand- as a group.




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