How to tackle rain on your wedding day

How to tackle rain on your wedding day

Though we’re in the summer months and we’ve all swapped the jeans and boots for maxi dresses and shorts – unfortunately, the weather has other ideas. We expected to be greeted with sunshine and sunburn in June, but rather we’ve been met with torrential rain not too dissimilar to what one would expect in the bitter depths of Winter. This unpredictable weather can be particularly problematic when it comes to wedding planning. Those who opted for what they believed would be a gorgeous Summer wedding are quickly realising they could instead be met with showers on their special day, and some plans could be scuppered. However, Wedding News are here to tell you that rain certainly will not dampen your day (dodgy puns aside). There are a host of different ways that we can tackle rain on a wedding day to ensure your wedding day runs scot free – if Mother Nature plays ball or not!

Personalised Umbrellas

Umbrellas might seem like an obvious addition for a rainy wedding, but you can make these rainy day necessities a true part of your special day. There are a number of different websites which offer personalised umbrellas for a host of different prices to suit all budgets. You can choose a pattern or colour scheme which matches your special day. You could even get it printed with ‘Mr & Mrs’ or perhaps your new surname – anything to pay homage to your special day. These personalised umbrellas can be handed out to guests who want to stay dry as they make their way from venue to venue, or alternatively you could pop a display of personalised umbrellas near the door of your venue, available for anyone to grab and use should they need to venture outside.

Another nice and perhaps more budget-friendly option is to invest in as many personalised umbrellas as your groom has ushers, and get the ushers to walk your guests into the venue with a custom umbrella to keep them dry and heighten everyone’s wedding experience.


If you were planning a wedding reception outside – all is certainly not lost thanks to the downpour of rain. Look into the cost of a gazebo to protect your guests from the rain and you can still enjoy an outdoor wedding. A gazebo can offer a beautiful haven in a rainy day, and still offer you almost the wedding that you’d dreamed of – with or without the rain. You can also decorate them to perfection to compliment your wedding theme, so don’t be put off by having to protect your guests from the rain.

Special Photography

As cliché as it is, with rain comes rainbows – and the rain can actually present you with some seriously gorgeous photography opportunities on your special day. Whether you have a romantic ‘Singing in the Rain’ style shot with an umbrella, an opportunistic shoot with a rainbow or more creative photography, rain needn’t be a downside to your wedding. Why not get in touch with your photographer, express your concerns about the weather and see if they have any suggestions on ideas for shooting in the rain? We can guarantee they’ll have plenty of experience in this field and you never know – the rain could make the perfect backdrop for your most wonderful wedding pictures.


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