How to plan a New Year’s Eve themed wedding

How to plan a New Year’s Eve themed wedding

The year is changing, it’s a huge celebration and everyone is in high spirits after the festive period. Indeed, New Year’s Eve is an exceptional occasion all around the world and one which is universally celebrated. We gather our friends and family close and plan our goals and dreams for the following year, so what better date to hold your wedding? As well as the opportunity for a double celebration, there’s also the romantic notion of starting the new year as husband and wife and moving forward as a unit, which is partially why New Year’s weddings are becoming more and more popular.

As well as the touching sentiment at the foundation of a wedding on the 31st of January, it’s also an exceptional opportunity to gather your loved ones in the same place and bring in the next year together, ensuring a wealth of luck and positivity to your year. Now you’re sold on the idea of a fantastic and festive celebration, let’s talk planning.

Planning a New Year’s Eve wedding is simple and relatively traditional, keeping your ordinary values and planning propositions, though there are a few little twists which you can add to your special day that will tie the New Year’s theme together perfectly.

Opting for festive colours like red and gold on the tables and with the bridesmaids will add a little touch of sparkle and also perfectly complement both the weather and the time of season. Accompany this colour palette with soft touches of glitter and perhaps even holly on the table decorations, providing a subtle nod to the Christmas period whilst staying chic and on trend too.

Another lovely touch is providing cards on every table, asking your guests to share with you their New Year’s Resolutions, or perhaps asking them to share their proposed resolutions for the happy couple. This makes for a fantastic talking point and ties the theme together perfectly.

If the budget will stretch, surprise fireworks at the chime of midnight could not be more on brand for a New Year’s Eve wedding, but simply gathering for a rousing chorus of Auld Langs Syne will induce the same goosebumps amongst your happy guests!

Without a doubt the best part of a New Year’s Eve wedding is the ability to simultaneously toast the new year with your favourite people and your new life partner – so why not plan a fantastic New Year’s wedding extravaganza for a special day you will never forget.

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