Groom arrested for paying 200 wedding guests to attend

Groom arrested for paying 200 wedding guests to attend

A Chinese groom has been arrested for paying 200 actors to appear at his wedding, inviting the guests to act as his friends and family.

According to reports, members of the bride’s family became suspicious during the wedding. The actors were saying they were “just friends” and not making it entirely clear how they were linked to the groom.

The stint became clear to the bride’s family when the groom’s parents were nowhere to be seen during the ceremony.

Interviews with the actors that were hired has revealed that they were paid 80 yuan (£9) each by Mr Wang for the whole day. Some of the “guests” included students and taxi drivers. One individual said that the groom found him and negotiated a price on WeChat.

The couple were reportedly together for three years before the wedding. The bride is said to have not noticed anything abnormal with regards to the absence of her partner’s friends/family.

However, it has not yet been revealed the definite motives behind the groom’s plan. Although, some reports have revealed that the bride’s family did not approve of Mr Wang because he was deemed poor.

Chinese social media users are still trying to understand the stint and what really were the reasons behind it. One Sina Weibo user asked “How can he be so poor, and then pay 200 guests?”. Some are being slightly more sympathetic and suggesting that he may have been too embarrassed to extend invites to his real friends and family.

The police investigation according to this case is ongoing. As of yet there has been no sentence time revealed.

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