Gadget filled weddings and social media extravaganzas: What’s predicted for the weddings of 2017?

Gadget filled weddings and social media extravaganzas: What’s predicted for the weddings of 2017?

What’s next for our gadget-filled obsessions and technologically shaped celebrations? Here are our predictions on what’s to come for the stand out weddings of 2017 and years to come.

3D printed wedding dresses

Every bride is predicted to spend hours at each bridal shop trying on different styles and designs to make themselves look lavishing on their big day. Instead of this traditional trend, a fashion student called Danit Peleg says that 3D printed wedding dresses will be all of the craze very soon amongst trendy brides. They will be able to download and print the patterns they would like from their phones and computers. She also says the most enjoyable part will be people’s expressions when you explain where and how you got your stunning gown!

Virtual reality wedding videos

Absolutely anyone that has got married will tell you that they would love to relive their big day. You as the bride and groom couldn’t be involved in each antic your party have told you about, so you really need to see it to believe it.

If this sounds like you then your problem is officially solved! We predict that virtual reality wedding videos are going to be huge and no doubt have already begun. The videos are guaranteed to capture each and every happening you’ve heard about…. even the bits you perhaps aren’t sure you want to see. Of course, it will promise to capture each and every one of the best bits as well. The tears as you walk down the aisle, the kiss, and every other lovely moment that made your fabulous day. You could relive these moments again and again by investing in a virtual reality wedding video.

Stag parties in outer space

It is getting so difficult to do something different while organising your mates stag weekend. So, here is the answer… how about a long weekend in outer space? With talks of Richard Branson creating a Virgin hotel on the moon, there is no excuse to say no. Although, we suggest you start saving now as it is rumoured to cost around $250,000. Let’s just say your stags may need convincing… but what a great way to start wedding shenanigans and celebrations.

The driverless wedding car

Usually the ride to the reception is the first time you’ve both been alone all day. How brilliant would it be to make this special moment a private occasion? If this sounds appealing, then say hello to the driverless wedding car. Practically every car manufacturer has plans for these concepts, with Google and Telsa having practically finished putting their first designs together. It’s only a matter of time before this idea really kicks off.

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