Frantic bride finds missing wedding dress via social media

A bride who lost her wedding dress whilst travelling from her home in New York to Ohio has found it with just hours to spare thanks to the powers of social media.

Jennifer Contini and fiancé Steven Cunningham were on their way from Southampton, New York, to their home in Dover when they stepped out of the car to rearrange a few things.

Contini got out of the vehicle to rearrange their things due to her not being able to see out of the rear of the car.

It wasn’t until they had reached their destination that they realised they didn’t have the wedding dress.

The bride had put the wedding dress on the roof whilst rearranging the car, but had then driven off without it.

As soon as the couple realised their mistake, they quickly took to Facebook to post about the wedding dress in case anybody had come across it. The post instantly went viral.

A couple, also from Southampton, replied to the post with a picture of the dress. They had found it near their home and had hung it near the road in hopes that someone would come back and retrieve it.

In a statement, Contini said, “I remembered I stopped because I couldn’t see out the back of my car. So, I rearranged my Mini Cooper,”

“And I must have put the dress on top and then I pulled away.”

“It was a custom-made, empire waist dress made by a friend”.

“One of my friend’s friends was driving and saw a wedding dress. It was hanging at the end of a driveway on a fence,”

Contini’s now husband, Steven said, “I thought it was gone,”

“You know, it’s one of those things like it could be in a ditch. It could be on the side of the road. Somebody could have saw it and said: “You know what? This is really interesting, I’m gonna take it back home”.

The couple that found the dress sent it to Dover. Contini very luckily received it just in time for her wedding on July 7th.

The bride celebrated by having all of her bridesmaids paint her dress with hearts during the rehearsal dinner.

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