Flashmob marriage proposal on London train becomes online hit

Flashmob marriage proposal on London train becomes online hit

A flashmob marriage proposal which took place on an evening train journey between Euston station in London and Watford Junction has become an online hit across the world after the video of a choir bursting into song to serenade an unsuspecting girlfriend was posted on video sharing website, YouTube.

35-year-old Adam King, who sings as part of the Adam Street Singers, organised for the other singers in the group to board the train which he takes home with his girlfriend Lucy Rogers most nights and serenade her with a rendition of the Bill Withers song, Lovely Day, before he popped the question.

A great deal of planning went into making the proposal just perfect, with the choir starting work on project-train-proposal back in April. Hopeless romantic Adam also had to be careful that his girlfriend of 6 years didn’t spot any of his fellow choir singers on the train as many of them are mutual friends of the couple.

The video posted on YouTube starts with a familiar scene of a packed commuter train, before one passenger starts singing, as another joins in and another, before which the 25-strong choir are all singing in harmony, when bang on cue, tailor Adam drops down on one knee and asks Lucy to marry him, to which she quickly accepts before bursting into tears.

The inventive marriage proposal only happened last week, November 1st, and yet in the short space of time it’s been available to view online, it’s received half a million hits and sparked interest from TV channels around the world who are all clamouring to get an interview with the newly engaged couple.

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