Festival Weddings: The Top Trend for 2017

Festival Weddings: The Top Trend for 2017

Here at Wedding News, we’d like to think we were pretty ahead of the curve when it comes to the ability to predict what’s going to be big for the coming year. We’ve been in the wedding industry for several years now, and have developed an expert knack for sensing which themes will emerge within the wedding industry and which styles will be a big success.

Based on the trend towards the end of 2016, the influences in the fashion industry and indeed our predictions for the following year, we can safely say that Festival Weddings are taking off – and are only set to get bigger and better in 2017. A festival themed wedding is the perfect flexible wedding theme, and one which you can make as elaborate or as intimate as possible. Perfectly personalised and the ultimate way to surround yourself by your loved ones, it’s difficult not to see the appeal in opting for a festival themed wedding.

Whether you’re working with an elaborate budget or opting for something a little more restricted, a festival wedding is the perfect choice. The concept is simple – you re-enact a festival with your loved ones. This means all of the accommodation is outside and that all of your family and friends can share in this experience together. Choosing the accommodation is exciting – you need a venue which will accept camping and is large enough to host a festival. Alternatively, you can opt for a day festival theme without the overnight option!

Festivals are full of outdoor decoration, which means you need to get creative with your decor choices. Paper lanterns and fairy lights or some gorgeous floral decorations will create the perfect festival vibe. Why not use different areas for different sections of your wedding, to replicate the concept of a festival? One area could be for snacks and beverages, one for dancing, one for outdoor games and one area for taking photographs.

Another fantastic festival idea is to invite any friends or family who can sing or play instruments to do an open mic session in the evening, further complementing the concept of a festival theme. Choose foods which are easy to eat whilst stood up, customise pretty paper cups and you could even make your own ‘admission’ wristbands for everyone to have as a keepsake.

Regardless of your budget or the size of your wedding party, a festival themed wedding will be simply stunning every time.


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