Experts reveal the wedding dress trends of 2017: Out with the veils and in with CAPES

A wedding blogger based in Sydney has shared the three wedding trends she’s noticed to be on the rise this year.

22 year-old Nadine Nassar-Agha, runs the Instagram account ‘The One in White’, and has recently noticed that 3D embellishments, capes replacing veils and the timeless ball gown are hugely gaining popularity.

Nadine has said, ‘As the years have gone by brides had had their dresses adorned with beads, sequins and lace and something that has been trending is the use of 3D embellishments,’

Of course, weddings are a huge business and social media has played an integral part in keeping track of its changing trends.

This special day is when brides especially want to stand out, and so opt for creative decisions in order to make their dress unique.

‘The most notable design are floral embellishments, with some brides either focusing this detail on the bodice and sleeves or all over the gown for that extra wow factor.’

Flowers have always played a huge part in wedding days, but the blogger has noticed a rise in 3D flower embellishments on dresses this year.

‘3D embellishments are stunning and have also graced the runway in New York Bridal Fashion week,’
Additionally, another staple of a bride’s dress has been the veil, but according to new trends, another option has recently come into the mix- wedding capes.

‘Not only do capes look gorgeous in wedding photos especially when captured mid air but capes have become an alternative to the traditional veil with brides choosing to wear crowns and other headpieces to define their inner glamazon.’

Nadine has said that modern brides are now choosing to attach a cape to their wedding dress to fulfill a ‘jaw dropping’ effect.

Some brides opt for the cape to be detachable so they can move more freely during their reception,’ Nadine said.

The last thing that Nadine has been drawn to, it that ball gown silhouettes are being chosen for the important wedding dress.

‘Whilst we have come a long way from the traditional wedding dress trends with bows, frills and satin gowns one thing that has continue to lead the wedding dress world are ball gowns.’

‘Brides are taking the timeless classic and turning their ball gowns into works of art with trains and detail fit for royalty.’

Additionally, to the cape trend, Nadine has said that brides are commonly choosing to accentuate their ball gown dresses with crowns to add a ‘princess’ effect.

‘Many brides have used ball gowns to maintain the fairy-tale dream of looking like a queen on her wedding day.

‘Some ball gowns these days come with a detachable skirt so that a bride can have two dresses in one.’


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