Couple Travel to Their Wedding Venue in Dodgem Car!

Couple Travel to Their Wedding Venue in Dodgem Car!

When choosing you wedding car many place focus on how smooth the ride will be, wanting to hire a wedding car then offers a relaxing journey. However, for Mr and Mrs Ward this was not case, arriving at the venue in a fairground dodgem.

Mr Ward, 54, said it was a source of much amusement among the guests.

He said: “No one had seen anything like it.

“There was another wedding going on and they had a big Hummer. All the people in there were just looking over at the bumper car.

“All the hotel staff and guests had a go in it after all the speeches and dinner.”

Claiming to be a symbol of their relationship the dodgem was successful in stamping a bit of personality on the big day

Jackie, now the wife of Mr Ward laughed that she and her new husband had been “dodging relationships” all their lives, having both come from failed marriages. For this reason the dodgem car was pretty appropriate, signifying the struggles they had both faced to find love.

Having a collection of Dodgems Peter Ward shows an eagerness to shock people with his collection, proving to be a huge ambassador of these unique vehicles.

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