Bride organises wedding in four days after tornado

Some people say that rain on your wedding day is a sign of a long and happy marriage, but what about a tornado?

Just four days before her wedding, Brittany Johnson has had to change the venue of her wedding, but thankfully somebody at Westmoreland Golf Course can help her out.

“We had a back up for if it rained but definitely not for a tornado to take the venue out,” said Johnson.

She said in a statement that it was the last thing she ever expected to hear…

“Um it took me a few minutes to process it and then I had my melt down and then just turned right into work mode and we had it all figured out.”

The wedding venue she had booked a year before was no longer available. This was due to the EF1 tornado damaging the property. The owner of the venue, Jerry Elliot, said majority of the damage was to the roof and even though no one was hurt during the storm, it wasn’t safe enough to host a wedding.

Even though there was a wedding venue just up the road who did the same thing, it didn’t work for the Johnson’s as they would have to delay the wedding. Friends and family are set to arrive in time for the wedding this coming Saturday.

“It was a lot of phone calls, everyone was able to work with us, everyone was very patient,” said Johnson.

The owner of the Westmoreland Golf Course, Tom Cullen, knew he had to help the couple in whichever way he could.

“We didn’t even have to change the time or anything he accommodated anything that we needed so it was really nice. We went and met with him Tuesday night a couple of hours after it happened and anything we said that we needed he said OK. We’ll take care of you. I mean he dropped everything for us, it was really great,” said Johnson.

When asked if he has ever heard of wedding being organized in four days, Cullen said in a statement, “No, not in three days usually it’s six months or whatever. I mean I’m happy for her, I mean I’m here for her and whatever we can do we’ll do,”

Thankfully the forecast is good for the wedding day, which is this coming Saturday. A great day for a great wedding.

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