Brace yourself as new research unveils how much wedding guests spend on average

Brace yourself as new research unveils how much wedding guests spend on average

According to new research by American Express, wedding guests in the UK are set to spend roughly £432. This research has been unveiled according to the summer wedding season.

The research has shown that the largest expense will be on gifts for the newlyweds, and it’s usually roughly £85. This is closely followed by hotel accommodation for the celebration at an estimated £74. A special outfit usually costs £71, travel to attend is usually £64, and an additional £57 that is usually spend on hen or stag do’s. Furthermore, its estimated that British wedding guests usually spend roughly £54 buying drinks at the reception and £27 on hair and beauty treatments.

All of the above adds up to £432, which is in fact lower than last year’s average of £479. The company have said that the figures show guests are now cutting down on expenditure for weddings.

However, those individuals that do have an important role in the ceremony often spend substantially more. The survey which was taken part by more than 2,000 people found that Bridesmaids usually spend £659 per wedding. This figure usually rises to £909 for ushers.

A new trend is now showing that due to these estimates people are trying to shop a little more on the budget side. Guests are apparently starting to spend their money on gifts and outfits from the sales. This is as well as choosing lower cost and more thoughtful gifts.

“While a wedding was once considered extremely costly for the bride’s father, our study shows that guests also face a significant bill,” commented American Express’s director Jenny Cheung.

Therefore, if you are attending a wedding or a celebration in the Great British weather this summer, make sure you choose an appropriate outfit from the sales rack… oh and you might want to invest in an umbrella so you are totally prepared for the big day.

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