Beyoncé drops Die With You video to mark her and Jay-Z’s wedding anniversary  

Beyoncé drops Die With You video to mark her and Jay-Z’s wedding anniversary  

Famous for having one of the most lavish weddings of all time (after Kin and Kanye), Beyoncé and Jay-Z do not di things by half, with the public being dripped small details of their wedding every now and then.

This week, Beyoncé dropped the much-anticipated video for her new song, Die With You; a song that celebrates her love for her rapper husband in true Queen B style. With the power couple enjoying their ninth year of marriage, the songstress released a video that captures what life in the family is like; full of love and fun!

From images of them walking down the isle and sharing special moments to their daughter, Ivy, kissing her pregnant mum’s bump, as music fans we were well and truly spoilt. The montage video, which has now released on Tidal, has gathered impressive download figures.

Originally releasing the on April 4 2015, her seventh wedding anniversary, Beyoncé has now included never-before-seen images of the famously private family, providing a window into the celebrity world. Appearing to be much more humble and family-orientated that we expected, this new video is certainly a must-see!

Recently announcing that she was pregnant with twins, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have managed to get over all of the rumours that her previous album conjured up, with the world accusing Jay-Z of cheating on the superstar with ‘Becky with the good hair’.

Let us know what you think, is Beyoncé’s anniversary gift a little too personal?

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