Avoiding hidden costs when wedding planning

Avoiding hidden costs when wedding planning

Planning a wedding is a seriously lavish affair – and justifiably so! You are celebrating the union of two families as you marry the love of your life and your best friend, and a wedding is an official ceremony joining you together as husband and wife, and consequently a celebration of your love. It should be a day full of joy which pays homage to your relationship, as you’re surrounded by your nearest and dearest family and friends. With so many exciting details to plan for your special day, the costs can quickly mount up. No matter what your wedding budget is, with so many little details involved in making your special day come together, hidden costs can creep up on us left, right and centre. Avoiding hidden wedding costs when wedding planning can be tricky, but here are our top tips on how to manage it.

Be Organised

This might sound like a relatively basic concept, but it’s so easy to lose track of what you’re spending when you’re excited to plan the wedding of your dreams. Create a spreadsheet detailing the costs of every last element of your wedding planning and be sure to check how you’re getting on against your proposed budget. Keep a folder or a notebook and make sure you’re documenting your to do list, what’s left to do and what is a suitable amount to spend on each element left to secure in the mind of yourself and your partner. It can be so easy to spend more than you’d budgeted on your dream dress and dream cake, leaving you with less than you’d anticipated for your bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen and catering! Planning your dream wedding for your budget is absolutely possible, you just need to be vigilant to avoid any hidden costs.

Do your Research

Ensure that you’re searching around for the best deal for each element of your wedding planning and ensuring that you are getting the best quality services and items for your wedding at the best value for money. It’s also important to research where hidden costs might creep into your wedding. With your venue – is there a place to hold coats and gifts? With your wedding invitations, will the designer be including envelopes or will you be required to purchase those? Is your wedding venue going to charge extra if you want to video the ceremony? Many places do, so make sure you do your research. There are also delivery costs for many items you might be sourcing for your special day. Be sure to ask for delivery and cleanup costs up front so you can accurately keep track of your spending – paying a small fee per delivery might not seem like much, but if you have to do it for every individual element then the costs will quickly mount up.

Keep Track of your Payments

Many items you purchase for your wedding are a substantial sum of money, which means you might pay a deposit and then the remainder of your balance in instalments or perhaps make a larger payments several months after your deposit. It can be easy to let these instalments or payments slip your mind, which means that you can quickly get stumped with a hidden sum towards the end of your wedding planning. Be sure to keep track of the amount of money you owe, and the dates which the instalments will be made so that you don’t find yourself stressing about cash in the run up to your special day.

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