Autumn Wedding Trends

Autumn Wedding Trends

Within the wedding industry, there are two seasons which dominate the trends – summer and winter. Summer weddings are undoubtedly the most popular thanks to the weather and the popularity of an outdoor wedding destination, but winter weddings have grown in popularity over the past few years too! One season which is becoming more on trend as the years go by is the autumn wedding, which has spawned a variety of stunning autumnal wedding trends which truly make weddings in the autumn months undeniably spectacular.

Here are some stunning autumn wedding trends to consider when planning your wedding for the autumn. Embracing these trends into your wedding plans will help you create the dream autumn wedding with a simply spectacular end result.

Warm Colour Palettes

Autumn is a season which is synonymous with change. The changing of the leaves, the changing of the temperature, the changing of the weather and indeed how we change to adapt to these aforementioned changes! Red, brown, yellow and orange shades form the autumnal colour palette, and embracing these warm colour shades with your wedding planning will help cement your autumn wedding theme. Whether you choose a gorgeous bronze or a chocolate brown for the colour palette of your bridesmaid dresses, some striking orange plants and flowers to adorn the tables or red and yellow candles to dress your tables, opting for a warm colour palette will help bring your autumn wedding to life.

Plants instead of Flowers

Another trend which is associated with autumnal weddings is to work with plants instead of flowers. Traditionally, weddings are full of flowers from start to finish, but in a more autumnal themed wedding it has become popular to opt for plants and succulents to make up the majority of the decoration on your special day. From the bouquet to the table decoration, try choosing a selection of warm-toned plants and green succulents to tie in with the autumnal theme of your special day.

Candles and Fairy Lights   

Lighting at a wedding is essential, but particularly in the autumn months when the evenings are darker earlier! Choosing fairy lights and adding candles to the tables and outdoor areas of your wedding will not only create a beautiful landscape for your guests to enjoy on your big day, but will also create a gorgeous autumnal theme that will tie every element of your wedding together to perfection.

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