Asian Wedding Entertainer Rajeev B Gains Worldwide Acclaim With Midnight Release

Asian Wedding Entertainer Rajeev B Gains Worldwide Acclaim With Midnight Release

Ranjhana-Rajeev-B-300x169At Wedding News we love to celebrate great wedding entertainment, and in the Asian community we are not short of that by a long mile. With Hindu, Muslim and Sikh celebrations renowned for their vivacious nature the need for amazing Bhangra artists is great.

Rajeev B is an artist that started out as an Asian wedding DJ, coming from humble beginnings. Since establishing his flair for unique mixes Rajeev B quickly evolved into a much in-demand star, with families all of the country desperate to book him for their big day. Now boasting a worldwide following the star has become a national treasure, with fans situated all over Europe.

Surprise release 

Last night Rajeev B surprised his supporters with the release of his latest creation – Ranjhana. Dropping at midnight the song woke up the internet, encouraging Bhangra lovers to share, comment, like and download the song from various platforms. Claiming to be ‘completely overwhelmed’ by the reaction to the song Rajeev B highlighted the fact that he is still very down to earth, humbled by his new-found fame.

In a recent release from Bhangra News the Asian music critics said that:

‘With last night’s surprise release he has only broadened his audience, seeing double the amount of people visit his social media pages than usual.’

Successful in furthering his career as an international musician Rajeev was inundated by positive comments on Youtube and other social media pages, with one fan claiming him to be ‘the best thing to come out of London in a vary long time’.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Would you like to book Rajeev B for your wedding?

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