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Alec Baldwin 8000th tweet is wedding photo with Hilaria

Fans of 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin received a rare treat when the 54-year-old tweeted a wedding day photograph with wife Hilaria. The actor celebrated his 8000th tweet on microblogging website Twitter with the photo with his new bride.

The adorable photo shows the loving couple gazing into each other’s eyes, with Hilaria in her gorgeous bridal gown holding her wedding bouquet. The photo was accompanied with the text: “My 8000th tweet is a smile to @hilariabaldwin.”

The couple recently tied the knot in an intimate ceremony less than a month ago. Celebrity guests included 30 Rock co-star Tina Fey and Woody Allen.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine, Baldwin spoke about his 28-year-old bride: “Marriage was made for you to make a commitment to someone who is worth it, and I met someone who is worth it.”

The actor, for whom this is his second marriage, divorced first wife Kim Basinger in 2002. They had been married for nice years and has a daughter together, Ireland.

Since his wedding to Hilaria, Baldwin has declared that he is determined to make this marriage work. He told Total Film magazine: “I want it to be different. When I was younger, I was married to a woman who was very successful.

“When you’re both in the business, you both know that you’re going to light one film off the other. It’s like chain smoking. You just have to do one after the other. You sense that this isn’t right, you have this daunting, overwhelming, overarching priority that takes you away for long periods at a time.

“Now I’m with someone who’s not in the business and I would like to have a different life this time, have it be more normal.”

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