5 Tips to remember on your wedding day

With your wedding day being the most important 24 hours of your life, sometimes brides and grooms let the stresses of the day overtake and often forget some important factors. Aside from the obvious tips of not being hungover and getting up too late, we’ve put together the top five things to remember on your wedding day.

Eat a good breakfast

On the morning of your wedding day, you should ensure that you do what it takes to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Brides can potentially go for long periods of time without food on their wedding day, therefore a breakfast full of protein is key.

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready

You should ensure that you give yourself a reasonable amount of time to prepare on the morning of your wedding day. You could allocate one of your bridesmaids to keep an eye on the time, or if you have a wedding planner this should be one of their responsibilities so that you can relax.

Apply baby powder

This is a tip for the bride and bridesmaids. You may not have heard this before but you should cover your inner thighs with baby powder or anywhere that could potentially sweat. Put it on before you dress for the day, wedding gowns can get quite hot!

Have a change of shoes for the reception

By the time the reception comes around, you would have been stood in those heels all day. Trust us, when it comes to dancing and evening celebrations, you will be glad you brought a pair of flats.

Stay hydrated

Many brides don’t drink enough fluids throughout their wedding day in order to avoid using the bathroom. Although, lack of fluids can lead to you becoming extremely dehydrated. Therefore, you must make sure you drink throughout the day. Our top tip here is to drink your drink from a bottle using a straw just in case you spill some.

We hope this little wedding guide has been helpful! Be sure to check out our other news and tips on our website.


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