4 Key questions to ask your wedding photographer

There are numerous parts to wedding planning that can sometimes be hard to navigate, one being choosing the right photographer. Once you’ve both decided on a budget, it is time to start searching for a photographer that’s going to deliver you the pictures that you’ve always dreamed of. The normal amount couples usually spend on wedding photographers is £800-£3000, but this depends on their experience and how in-demand they are. Also the price will depend on whether you want the photographs to be added to a USB or you want to add a pre-wedding photo-shoot to the package.

Whether you’ve found someone who you think matches what you are looking for, there are a few standard questions you should put to them before going ahead and booking. We’ve gathered four of these important questions below.

Is my date available?

This may seem like something obvious. However, before you get excited and have your heart set on a certain photographer, you should ask if they have your wedding date free. Majority of photographers will advise you to book as much as a year in advance, with six months even being a little tight. So, the top tip here is to always plan ahead. It is probably good to have someone else in mind too, just in case you need a back-up.

How much experience do you have?

Never be afraid to ask how long your wedding photographer has been in the business. Additionally, you should ask how many weddings they’ve photographed and take a look at their reviews online.

What is your style?

Whether you prefer the more natural look, or fancy something a little edgy to remember your special day by, make sure you find out the photographer’s style of work. It is so important to find a photographer who’s style you love, as you can guarantee this is how your photos are going to look.

Do I need to pay a deposit and what is the final price?

You should never underestimate wedding costs. Whilst this query may seem obvious, some costs can be non-refundable so make sure you find out before you pay. Plus, you will need to know when payments are due, what the final price will be and when you will receive the photographs after your wedding day.

Other things to bare in mind when booking a photographer is, insurance policies, backup equipment, and timings. Be sure to enquire about any thoughts that come to mind, whether they seem important or not. It is after all your special day, so details such as these are guaranteed to have an impact on how smoothly it goes.

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